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CANTSI is a Consulting company that started in 2015 in Cairo, Egypt, and focused on providing Business and IT Consultancy Services for small and medium businesses in the Middle East and the Arab countries. In 2020, CANTSI moved to the United States of America and used its international experience to extend its services nationwide to serve small and medium businesses in a number of states.


CANTSI focuses on helping small and medium business owners to challenge their limitations while inspiring growth experiences that help to convert their goals into accomplishments and develop the organizations’ skill base to meet the future on the owners’ terms.

CANTSI provides a turnkey consulting service, that is based on internationally accredited methodologies and tools that will maximize the business' potential for future and sustainable growth.


CANTSI also provides long term strategic guidance for all the business aspects, to convert all the business weaknesses into strengths and the threats to which the business is exposed to, into opportunities. We help you improving and even re-engineering your business processes, without jeopardizing your organizational culture while making efficient use of the business resources.

In a nutshell, our primary focus is to maximize your profits, the quality of your business operations and deliverables, and your customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, we will minimize your bad costs, reworks, defects, and time loss.


Integrity & Respect, Diversity & Inclusiveness, and Health, Safety, Security & Environment, are all our Core Values!​

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