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Welcome to CANTSI

Since you reached our site then you either must be feeling that your business could do better or that your business may be facing one or a combination of the following related challenges:

Business and IT Consultancy 



Your Business has been:

  • Stagnant for some time?

  • Not able to grow?

  • Facing strong competition that you feel you are not able to stand for?

  • Missing Business Opportunities?

  • Facing a future full of Ambiguity?


Your Business has been:

  • Receiving lots of customer complaints?

  • Loosing customers?

  • Not able to increase its customer base?

  • Having Poor Customer Satisfaction and it continues to Grow?

  • Not able to get good reviews?

  • Having Weak customer relationship?


Your Business has been:

  • Facing difficulties in finding  the right skills in the market?

  • Having unhappy employees?

  • Facing an Increasing absenteeism?

  • Loosing employees after investing time and money to train them to do the job?

  • Having Poor Internal  communication?


Your Business has been:

  • Having Insufficient Cash on-hand?

  • Having Rising Costs and it is becoming the Norm?

  • Not having an increase in its Net profit or it is even decreasing?  

  • Incurring losses?

  • Having its Resources drained?


Your Business has been:

  • Having Poor product or services quality compared to competitors?

  • Having lots of Rework?

  • Having increasing Errors and Defects?

  • Having Inefficiency in operation?

  • Quality control processes that don't catch errors in time?


Your Business has been:

  • Having its Employees taking too much time to fulfill a task?

  • Not able to deliver products or services to its customers on time?

  • Not able to accept new or additional customers orders?


CANTSI is a Business and IT consulting company helping small and medium business owners nationwide and overseas to challenge their limitations while inspiring growth experiences that will help to convert their goals into accomplishments and develop the manpower skill base to meet the future on your terms.

CANTSI provides a set of turnkey consulting services, that include strategic, tactical and operational Business consultancy that are based on internationally accredited methodologies and tools that will maximize your business's potential for sustainable growth in the future.


Following a scientific methodology, CANTSI helps business owners identifying the real problems, and then suggest innovative solutions and also implement them, if requested.

We provide also long term strategic guidance for all the business aspects, to convert the business weaknesses into strengths and the threats to which the business is exposed into opportunities.

We help you improving and even redesigning your business processes, without jeopardizing your organizational culture.

In a nutshell, our primary focus is to maximize your profits, the quality of your business operations and deliverables, and your customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, we will minimize your bad costs, reworks, defects, and time loss. Integrity, Health, Safety, Security and Environment are always in our hearts and minds. 

It is simple

We Deliver Value!

Let's Get Started.


Since our founding in 2015, we’ve helped several clients find solutions to their organizational challenges. We make sure to give our clients the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. We use our years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our business partners.

Check out what our clients are saying about working with CANTSI.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

"What was accomplished within a week with us was truly amazing. With the help of CANTSI Consultancy Services we strengthened our business plan, stepped out in a new direction, and found the courage to take our business to a new level. We refer to CANTSI's suggestions on a regular basis and have no hesitation in recommending it's Services to any organization. CANTSI's wealth of information flows freely and with deep respect and confidence.”

Theresa Cotten


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